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Monin Pomme Verte 70 cl

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Monin Pomme Verte 70 cl a syrup with green apples gives your drinks a wonderful fresh taste of freshly cut green apples. Monin Pomme Verte has a clear green color and has a clear taste of Grannie Smith apples, citrus and apple juice. Perfect seasoning for drinks, cocktails and punches, but also for lemonade and smoothies.

Drink recipe Soda pop
Monin Green apple is a must for the popular drink Soda Pop! Together with Monin Blue Curacao, you can prepare a glass of drinkable sweets.

You will need: 5 cl vodka, 3 cl Monin Green apple, 2 cl Blue Curacao, 2.5 cl syrup, 3 cl lemon juice or Francos Lemon Sweet & Sour Mix, 4 cl cl Sprite or 7Up.


Pour vodka, Green Apple, blue curaçao, syrup and lemon juice into a shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously (if you do not have a shaker, mix the ingredients directly into an ice-filled glass). Strain the drink into a glass of crushed ice. Add 7 Up or Sprite and stir gently. Garnish with Sodapop candy.

Volume: 70 cl

Ingredienser: Socker, vatten, syra: citronsyra, koncentrerad juice av grönt äpple, arom, färgämnen: E102, E133. Juice av grönt äpple: minst 10%. E102: kan ha en negativ effekt på barns beteende och koncentration.

Näringsvärden: Energi:338 kcal-1411 kJ, fett 0g, kolhydrater:82,3 g,varav socker:82,3 g, protein:0 g, salt: 0,01g.

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