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Zalto Denk`Art beer glass

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Zalto Denk`Art beer glass. A very thin beer glass with a narrow body from the Austrian crystal glass manufacturer Zalto. This beer glass has a light cupping that flattens out at the top, which contributes to foam stability and aroma intensification. The glass is designed for pilsner and lager, but is also well suited to more exclusive sour beers such as Gueuze and Lambic, as well as to Saisons and Oud Bruins, preferably with fruit in. Zalto is known for making the thinnest glasses in the world and this beer glass is nothing exception. A masterpiece that really highlights all aspects of the beer, both visually and taste-wise.
Mouth blown by skilled craftsmen in very clear crystal glass.

1 pc Zalto Denk`Art beer glass

Height: 223 mm
Volume: 350 ml

Can be machine washed but hand wash is recommended for longer life.

All glasses we receive from Zalto are mouth blown and approved according to the manufacturer's guidelines and have been checked individually, different differences in weight and size can occur from glass to glass.

The tolerance on the thickness of the glasses can differ by an average of 1.5 mm.
The glasses are usually delivered in 6-packs from the factory. Orders that do not contain even 6-packs will be packed individually without original packaging.

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ZAL 11800

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