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Duvel Djävulskt God beer glass 33 cl

This product has been discontinued, please click the link below for replacement product
Duvel beer glass 33 cl

Product Description:

33 cl Duvel beer glass. An absolute classic! The brewery Duvel-Moortgat's bestseller Duvel. A light healthy brew that is 'Devilish' good! That's actually how it got its name.

This beer glass is the result of a competition organized by Duvel Sweden and has a more colorful logo together with a dancing girl. The glass shape is original with a wide cup on a handsome foot, and the famous tulip shape at the top.

NOTE: The volume of these glasses indicates the volume that remains when you pour a Duvel beer that contains 33 cl of beer in the glass.

The glass has a much larger volume than 30 cm but it is not the total volume Duvel believes that you should fill the glass with, but about 30 cl of beer.

Instructions on how to fill from a bottle containing 33 cl of beer:

Make sure the glass is clean and dry.
Start by tilting the glass 45 degrees
Pour in the beer very slowly
When half the beer is left in the bottle, carefully straighten the glass
Stop pouring from the bottle when you have about 1 cm left in the bottle to avoid the bottom set.

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